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The Importance of Laughter

We sat down with laughter connoisseur Shari Coventry from Sydney Laughter to discover the truth about laughter and why we need it ahead of this month’s Laughter Sessions. more

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Blog – The Importance of Laughter

Posted on Oct. 27, 2017 by Sam Leung

Ever sat next to a stranger who’s laughing hysterically? Did you feel yourself tumbling into that contagious giggle, the one that’s almost involuntary? Laughing is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. It has many proven health benefits and may even help you to live longer.

Ahead of our upcoming Laughter Sessions, we sat down with laughter connoisseur Shari Coventry from Sydney Laughter to discover the truth about laughter and why we need it.

Why is laughter so important for our health?

Laughter promotes our physical and emotional wellbeing whilst having fun. It offers a positive engagement with life and promotes optimism and resilience. Laughter can change the way you feel in seconds. It can reduce anxiety, stress and tension held in the body. It can boost our immune system, lower our blood pressure and promote circulation.

Laughter triggers the release of positive, feel-good hormones and decreases stress hormones. Stress can have negative effects on our health so the more we come together and laugh, the more we are promoting our wellbeing! Anyone can do Laughter Yoga regardless of your age, fitness level or ability.

What is it about laughter that makes it contagious?

I feel that laughter is so contagious because it looks like so much fun and people look so happy when they laugh. Some of us just want to feel that level of joy. But there is another reason, we have what we call mirror neurons in the brain which are a group of neurons that create that feeling of wanting to mimic people. It’s this group of neurons that propels us to smile when smiled at and laugh when we see others laugh.

How did you come to ‘teach’ laughter?

When I experienced my first Laughter Session I was amazed how fantastic I felt afterwards. My mind was so clear, I felt uplifted, energised and relaxed, all at the same time. I wanted to bring that same feeling to everyone I could. People go through different periods of stress in their life, and laughter reminds us about the importance of having fun and being playful. It can help us to be more light-hearted when dealing with life’s adversities.

Laughter really is the best medicine. We can’t experience worry or stress whilst laughing so the more we laugh, the more we are creating positive connections and joy. The more we laugh, the more we give people around us permission to laugh. I want to create families that laugh more together, work environments that laugh more together and communities that laugh more together.

What should people expect to learn in the Laughter Sessions?

In a Laughter Session we will laugh a lot! We also combine clapping, stretching, and deep breathing exercises, all based around laughter. There’s also a short relaxation at the end. We’re using laughter as an activity, to ensure that we can receive the wonderful benefits that laughter offers. It reminds us that we don’t need to depend on jokes or comedy to laugh, we can come together as a community to laugh with each other as a form of exercise.

Laughter brings people together in such a positive way promoting fun, joy and connection. You’ll leave the session feeling, uplifted, refreshed and energised.

And just for the lols, what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

Laughing in a group with hundreds of people. Best feeling ever!

And…a lion laughing!

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